Care Instructions

The Burg Studio Care Instructions for our florals
Each item is handmade, please handle with care.



Please be careful with wires and foliage used to assemble as some contain thorns.


Yay! Welcome to the Pampas family. 
Now that you have joined the crew, here are some tips to care for your pampas from when you receive them to once they've found a spot in your home.Pampas are a living plume, which means they all range in colour and size. 

All of our Pampas have been pre-blown out for maintaining minimal shedding, however, they do tend to shed. To minimize the shedding, we recommend that once you receive them, take the plumes out of the bag (usually we suggest you do this outside, or in a garage) and give them a good shake. Once you’ve styled each plume to perfection, grab a high-hold hairspray and give them a generous misting. This will ensure the stands stay put and help to keep shedding at bay!

An even better option is to take a blow dryer and on low heat blow the plumes out to open them back up and again give them a good hair spray. They will open up day by day and that's the best part, watching them grow! Repeat this process every few months to shake any access dust. Our plumes will last for many years if taken care of. Pampas love the sun, place them near a window and watch them open up naturally. 

You can also remove strands in sections from the bottom of each plume to use in smaller vases or arrangements. Just remove strands evenly from all sides to maintain the integrity of your pampas — and ensure you do so before you’ve sprayed the plume!


DO NOT water. They do not need water and water will damage them. Items should be kept in places with levels of humidity between 30-80%. High humidity may cause color leakage, staining, or other similar damage. Avoid direct contact with clothes or fabrics as the color may run. Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity. Both may cause the color to fade or run.


Flowers by Two Sisters re-worked terracotta vases are hand painted for a more weathered look that adds such a soft touch to your home decor. Resembling stone looking objects, our vases have a casual appeal and are ideal for showcasing a garden feel. Best look for indoor or outdoor use.  Please be gentle when handling these products and wipe gently with a soft cloth.


Please do not let the wreaths touch water or bask in the sun. They can be retained for a long time. If you would like to display the wreath on the front door, please make sure it is covered and not in the sunlight for a long period. This will cause the wreath to age faster because of the weather conditions in Canada. Store your wreath with the box provided in a dry, non-humid and ventilated place. These wreaths can be reused for years if properly taken care of.



Disclaimer: Flowers by Two Sisters and Only Once Inc. is not responsible for any damages or harm that may come from our products.